Animal Identification Lesson

The wildlife on Steed Ranch compares to any sanctuary in the Midwest. I’m amazed by all the animals I see out here, and more on that later. But today I want to share a lesson I learned on the importance of proper animal identification.

It was a cool, fall evening and I was grilling a late dinner on my back deck. It was dusk, and I could just barely still see our deer feeder down the hill about 100 yards away. I see Tank, my Chihuahua about half way to the feeder, heading into the woods.


Now Tank is a great dog and is probably one of the sweetest Chihuahuas around. But I affectionately call him a cat. He purrs, lays in the sun, and only listens and wants attention on his terms. He’s getting old, and his crotchety ways are stronger now than when he was a puppy. I’ll call him to come sit on my lap with me and he’ll look at me and then head straight into his kennel to lay down. He certainly runs his show.

So when I called down to Tank from the deck, I wasn’t surprised he just turned to look at me and then tuned back and kept on walking. Turd. Then I knew I had to make sure I get him inside before I go to bed and hope I don’t forget!

Done with the grilling, I head inside to the kitchen to finish up dinner. And to my surprise, Tank was right there! I asked the family to see if they just let him inside because I swore I just saw him outside. Of course not, he has been inside the whole time.

So apparently, I tried to call in an opossum. I’m just glad his name wasn’t Tank.


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