The Wall – a Scary Short Story


Sure, at one point in time, this design was really a showstopper. Maybe 1960? This wall spans two levels, floor-to-ceiling, with 2 fireplaces.

Some of our friends like the look. It definitely makes a statement! But, it’s just not us.

However, the Wall is for lots of others. Like snakes for instance. And wasps. Carpenter ants. Ladybugs. And Lord knows what else.

Shortly after we moved in, Brad found a snake between the Wall and the ceiling in the basement. That was fun!


The Wall is on the west side of our house and gets blasted with the fierce winds this area gets. I remember the night a tornado hit our town. We didn’t have any damage as the tornado passed us about 5 miles to the north. As I came up form the basement in the pitch black with a flashlight, I just knew the windows around the Wall had blown out – that’s how loud it was. Luckily, I was wrong. But what I didn’t know that night was the mess the wind made of that Wall which I found the next morning.

All along the Wall I found mortar that had blown out, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Hundreds of bugs. All kinds of bugs. It was something straight out of a horror movie. But at least they were dead bugs.

We live in a 50-year-old house. The house sits on the edge of over 100 acres of mature Oak forest. I fully expect to see critters make their way into my home. They startle me more than scare me, but I’d still like to NOT have an open door, er, I mean Wall, to them.

The Wall is definitely on our remodel list, but not before my kitchen! The critters can stay for a little while longer. Plus, taking the Wall down is going to expose the entire west side of the house as we have to completely remove it and rebuild. Maybe I’ll take a vacation conveniently scheduled when the demo of the Wall happens. Yes. Good plan.

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