The Hall Bath – Before, Beer, and After


Man that’s something. When we moved in, our bedrooms on the main level and our master bath were mostly finished. And I love my master bedroom and bath. Babe is excellent at building bathrooms. We even kept the original walnut cabinets and got a new countertop made.

So there was huge progress made on the house before we moved in. But the next indoor project had to be the hall bath. It wasn’t just old and out-dated. It was falling apart. I’m pretty sure that everything except an interior door separating sink and stool was original. Olive green tile and countertop. Old gross chipped sink that fit somewhat similar to an apron sink where the front sticks out from the counter. The tub was beyond gross, but I’d scrubbed enough chemicals on it to deem it safe to use. Oh, the toilet was new. Brad made sure we had a new potty in there – I forgot about that (but glad he didn’t). The wallpaper was peeling. It was just awful.


We hadn’t quite figured out how we wanted it, but babe kept mentioning it as he chewed on the inside of his cheek. (This always means something is brewing, no matter how much he denies it.) He asked me a few questions and my only request was a double vanity for the girls and guests. He’s an artist when it comes to tile and color schemes so I didn’t care what he picked. I knew it would be stunning.

He found the cabinetry, ordered tile and started the demo. Babe and Cragin (one of my 2 step-daughters) went to town with the demolition. The sub-floor of the closet smelled like the litter box that sat there many years ago. There were remnants of a nice, quaint mouse house under the sink cabinet.


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And behold! There was a beer can in the attic, just above the ceiling that fell into the bathroom as I was watching the demo. You know that moment when you see clarity through the fog? This house just spoke to me and told me I was meant to be there. Surely it was a sign to have a beer and celebrate that, or have one and walk away. I’m sure babe appreciated the latter. I do love beer – that goes back to my college and tending bar days. Although Coors was never really on my most-loved list, maybe it should be now!


via GIPHY (and yes, this is Bud Light because Coors just isn’t that cool)

While work was being done, we were down to one bathroom as the one in the basement was also ripped out completely (another day for the basement story). We had very little emergencies with only one potty and four females. It was a science of masterful planning, including babe showering at the gym.

Let me tell you, this bath was worth the wait. I never imagined it to be as beautiful as it is until the tile started going up the walls.


And the coolest thing about it was we got to keep the original cast iron tub and had it resurfaced to bring it back to life. I no longer walk past this bathroom to use “my new one,” I can’t wait for the next remodel project. I’m sure babe can though.


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