There’s Nothin’ in This Oven


So I’ve got this oven… the type of oven where you dream of a trebuchet hurling it across the sky when you yell, “Pull!” and then blast it to smithereens with your Franchi 20 gauge O/U. Or maybe that’s just me. Never mind.

Living in a house while you remodel comes with challenges, and my biggest gripe by far is this kitchen. Oh, it’s functional, don’t get me wrong. We’re not starving. And it’s cute with it’s little quirks, like a burnt hood over the range (if you didn’t notice it before in the photo above) and a lovely built-in cutting board! There are lots of jokes about this cutting board, but moving right along…


This oven! Oh, this oven. It’s only bigger than my microwave by height. I can’t fit a normal size sheet pan in it. I have figured out, though, that if I take the oven rack out, I can slide a flat cookie sheet in on the oven rails. And I only found that out from a sheer act of desperation after I already prepped dinner.

I love to cook but the holidays at Steed Ranch have been missing big turkeys and hams and countless dozens of cookies. Luckily (or by this master-mind), the new kitchen has already been designed, including some cool things to keep the old farmstead alive.

Now I just need a small fortune to make it happen.


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