Adventures with Barn Cats

We were certain Dips would be pretty anti-social, a true mouse hunter, a barn cat. Welp, 2 of the three are still true.

Dips is a great hunter, and brings lots of critters into the barn to snack on. I even came in one morning to a barn full of feathers! And he loves his barn.

But he also loves his humans and getting attention and affection. He loves when babe is in there, working, sitting, whatever.

In fact, he loves getting to do all the things babe does. He helps clean out the truck, the trailer, take out trash, and till the garden.

Well last night, Dips upped the ante and became an official employee of Steed Tile. He rode to a local job locked in the trailer! Guess he shouldn’t nap outside his barn. He spent the night in the truck and rode on babe’s neck as he drove home.

I need to order him a Steed Tile shirt now. That is, if he ever climbs in the trailer again.

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