IMG_20170923_102502_339.jpgI’m Kristin, and that’s my crazy husband Brad. I have two daughters, two step-daughters, two dogs, and two barn cats.

My babe is who introduced me to many of outdoor loves like hunting and 4-wheeling. We have many great adventures and fun stories to tell as we learn to live out here. Or, at least they’re funny after the fact. I love to craft and cook in addition to all things outdoors.

We began our journey to country living around five years ago. Over the last five years, we’ve acquired the entire property and the 50 year old ranch that sits atop. We’re working to rehab/restore the ranch, adding buildings and homesteading features, such as a wood-burning furnace currently in the works. The next big project is the kitchen, which I’m so excited about and can’t wait to share it!